Erotic Massage

We all know about the benefits of massage, but few use erotic massage in their lives, so it is more related to the culture of the East. In ancient times they knew that the effect on certain points of the body is not only useful, but pleasant. In China, with the help of acupressure techniques controlled erection in men, prolonged sexual intercourse. India is famous for its art of touching with the use of arousing issues.

Today erotic massage is an element of prelude, facilitating the establishment of emotional contact between partners and giving unimaginable feelings.

However, it not only brings pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential, the awakening of sexual energy, its release. It enhances sensitivity and sexual function. Out of dependence on age, family position and sexual experience he showed everyone. It enriches sexual life and makes family relationships stronger. And here a huge role is played not only by the process of awakening sexual energy. During the massage partners begin to better understand and feel each other, learn to communicate, establish contact not on the level of words, but on the level of feelings, sensations, emotions, touches, looks.

Its purpose is to awaken the partner, to create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure and, as a conclusion, for a full and timely orgasm.

Like any other massage, erotic massage favorably affects the skin, muscles and internal organs, it awakens the streams of vital energy, has the strongest effect on our mental state, on the soul. allows to strengthen sexual energy and helps to direct it in the right way.

It consists of kisses, touches, aromatic issues, pleasant music, gives a wonderful feeling of harmony and satisfaction, helps to relax as much as possible and at the same time to find strength for this new.

It can be done anywhere: in bed, in the bath, in nature. It is not difficult to master the technique, especially since it is selected individually in accordance with the wishes of the partner.

There are several types of erotic massage:

  • Erotic Thai body massage. Its peculiarity is that the effect goes on the whole body from the tips of the fingers to the tip of the head. Massage is performed not only with the hands, but with all parts of the body. Special attention is paid to the erogenous zones and genitals. Aquapenic massage. Produced in the bath with the addition of foam. Relaxation is achieved by sliding one body over another.
  • Tantric massage. The main feature is the massage of the genitals. All erogenous zones are also stimulated. Massage movements are performed by naked bodies with the use of masel and augmentation. The massage is conducted in an Indian atmosphere.
  • Branch sakura. It is distinguished by gentle bites, touches of the tongue and lips.
  • Aqua massage massage. Produced in the heart of the breast and buttocks with the use of gel for flatulence.
  • Erotic massage with the use of rails. Using rails during massage helps to remove energy cramps in the body and direct the flow of sexual energy from the base of the first chakra upwards on the whole body.

These are just some types of erotic massage. In fact, everything here depends on imagination and everyone can add some unique elements to it.

Erotic massage is the art of giving pleasure. You will be amazed at what kind of sea of ​​pleasure you can experience by taking a massage. You want to enjoy this endlessly…

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