Sex Classic

As they say, classic is always in fashion. This also applies to intimate relationships. Not everyone loves to experiment and do not at all enjoy extreme types of sex. Traditional sex, which is also called vaginal, is quite enough for such people. Despite the apparent simplicity of the process (and with this type of intimacy, penetration occurs only in the woman's vagina), classic intercourse surprises with a variety of positions. The Kamasutra, the most famous encyclopedia of love, contains a huge number of poses, each of which allows you to act on certain points of the body and give your specific pleasure. Be sure that professional prostitutes possess the skills of classic sex perfectly and will be able to surprise even the most demanding client.

If at home a man is not allowed anything superfluous in terms of sex and copulation takes place only in the usual missionary position (woman from below, man from above), then he has a unique opportunity to enjoy other delights of standard penetration by contacting a prostitute. She will readily allow herself to enter herself from the side, standing or piling up on her partner as a dashing rider. In some poses, the man himself controls and changes the speed and depth of penetration, while in others he is completely at the mercy of the partner, who regulates the rate of frictions, giving pleasure to the client and getting it on his own. Classic sex with a prostitute can be soft, slow and tender, or turn into a passionate dance of love, forcing partners to wriggle in each other's hot arms and scream from another orgasm.

Traditional sex will never become boring and monotonous if you include fantasy. So, a prostitute can become for you a strict teacher or a sweet nympho who lustfully builds your eyes. The nurse will readily examine you and cure all the diseases in one session, and the maid will not only restore order in the apartment, but will also satisfy all the wishes of its owner.

In classic sex, you can use various products. For example, a combination of cold ice cream and a hot tongue of a prostitute licking it from your body will deliver a fabulous feeling.

In general, turn on your imagination, voice your wishes to a real professional and get the most out of your life!

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